Welcome back!

Sorry for the dust around here. It has been way¬†too long since I’ve written anything. Mostly because life moved on, but also because I’m eternally busy with other stuff. (I’m even recycling the graphics from the early 2000s.) Speaking of which, this site is inching towards its 14th birthday. CAN YOU FREAKIN’ BELIEVE IT?!¬†Trust me, I’m still scratching my head over this one!

OK, so what’s the deal here? Why the WordPress site? Where’s all the old useful content? etc.etc. I know I know. I’ll get to it eventually. It’ll probably need to be converted into WordPress format somehow—bye bye old custom-built blog generator system… (The old site was built with a custom Perl site builder.) ANYWAYS, the goals here are:

  • Make it easier to update so I’ll actually feel like popping in once in a long while.
  • Make it possible to have more than one contributor. Oh yes, that’s been on the board for a long time.
  • Make it more accessible to mobile devices. (Give me a break, we only had laptops back in ’98.)
  • Generally clean things up.

So a bunch of the old content is probably going to not make the jump to this new format, sorry. In its place will hopefully be some new content including interviews with other transfolk. Yep, it’s not gonna just be about me.

This is still going to be me mostly rambling on about this and that. Honestly, I don’t really have strong ties with the GLBT community outside of a few T-friends I’m in pretty close contact with. (Is it LGBT now? GLBTA? GLBTQQ? ABCDEFG?) Perhaps the site rework will get me back into the flow of information too.

The ultimate aim of the site is ultimately unchanged: honest soul-bearing discussion. Thanks for sticking around!